This year the Finnish Men’s National League is completely renewed.


This year the Finnish men’s national league is completely renewed. The changes have been prepared and finetuned with all of the team representatives. Even though everything had to be done with a tight schedule, everythings is ready for the leagues start this Saturday June 13th, 2020.

For this season we’ve really stirred the pot and the teams were formed by drafting players from a huge player pool. This was inspired by the Premier Lacrosse League that launched last season and was a great success. In addition to these new teams, we are playing a so-called hybrid league, in which we play both box- and field lacrosse. The winner of regular season will go on to pick which one is played in the finals.

We strongly believe, that the decision made will increase the competitive level of the league and we will see closer and closer games throughout the season. See you out there!

Full game schedule here.


Tuomas Tilkanen

Mens National Lacrosse League